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How I can interact and rate the ethics and humanity of people and brands (companies, professionals, organizations, projects, public institutions, political parties and politicians)?

First look for the profile using the search engine at the top of the page. If you are looking for a person and cannot find him or her, you can invite him/her sending a message to his/her email, from the message icon at the top, just mousing over it and clicking on the "Send message" option.

You can also invite your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and contacts from Linkedin from the editor of your profile, you access from the link on top of your profile photo. Once in the editor, go to the "Connecting networks" section, and here we encourage you to connect your other social profiles, so you can invite all your contacts in them.

If you want to interact or qualify a brand (company, professional, organization, project, public entity, political party or politician), on the response page, after doing a search, you have a button on the right that says "Create it yourself!". Click on it and you access a page where you can select the type of profile you want, and then just fill in the user fields (we suggest the profile you are going to create be the same as your Twitter @user) and name (and surname(s) if you are a professional or politician), you've now created the "human profile" of that brand and can start interacting with it (sending a thank you, question, request, suggestion or complaint), and rate its humanity with the "Rate" button.

How can I create other own human profiles?

When you register for the first time you become a registered user, and your human profile as a person is also created. And then, as well, you can create other human profiles that belong to you from among the following categories:

  1. Organization or project: you can create the human profile of your non-profit organization, NGO, Foundation, or of the projects you've created of an environmental, social and human nature, or for animal rights, and thus give life to your projects and causes creating a personal profile for each of them to communicate their evolution from day to day, and demonstrate how the support and funding they've received reverts to measurable and real results.

  2. Company or professional: you can create your personal profile as a professional through which other profiles can interact with you (by sending a thank you, question, request, suggestion or complaint), and rate your humanity.

    And you can also create a personal profile of your company or companies you manage, and use it as an independent media channel where you cannot be accused of bias or manipulation of content and interactions with your stakeholders, and to transmit the values associated with your brand, and show that you really are ethical and human.

  3. Public or political entity: if you're a politician you can create your personal profile, and if you are a representative of a political party or a public entity (council, government...), we encourage you to create your personal profile and converse with citizens as a demonstration of your character and will to be an "Open government" in an independent platform that gives you credibility and trust.

To create other profiles you own select the option "Create other proprietary profiles" option from the drop down menu on the left of your name on the top bar

Who can see the human ratings?

The human ratings assigned to profiles of people are not public until the rated profile accepts them. However, ratings assigned to any other type of profile do not need to be accepted, and are public from the outset.

Can a same profile be re-rated?

Yes. In fact, the mission of the Humans' Network is to humanize the world helping brands to know the opinion and assessment of individuals on their ethics and humanity, and be able to correct behaviours valued badly by citizens, and even apologize, to convince society of its resolution to change, and thus improve its Human Rating.

Does the Humans' Network give "Human ratings"?

No. Humans Ratings (ratings) are only given by the members of the social network. What we give from the Humans' Network are accreditations in recognition of the profiles in the network of their belonging to this new humanist movement, and of their involvement and commitment to making it grow.

In this way, everybody who registers in, and profiles that they can create fir businesses, professionals, organizations, projects, public institutions and political get the “I’m in!” accreditation by default, which identifies them as members of the social network, which will help them to show the world they belong to this humanist movement through labels whose images can be downloaded from the web, or banners they can insert in their websites.
Other accreditations we give can also be obtained such as:

  1. Human Angel: is given to influential and committed people who champion and promote the Humans' Network, and help us with your contacts and power of influence.

  2. Human Friend: is given to organizations, companies and public institutions (not people) who closely collaborate with our movement and help it to grow.

How can I HUMANIZE through the Humans' Network?

Humanizing it is the first action we invite you to carry out in Humans' Network, which you can do in different ways:

  1. Creating your personal profile and defining your life manifesto through your profile editor that you can access from the link you have above your photo.
    Your life manifesto is your statement to the world (or to the people you want to show it to) of who you really are, what your vital motivations are, what ideas you have to change the world, what are your good deeds... and even where you can send out to the world text and video messages presenting yourself, giving thanks, congratulating, apologizing...
    You can see an example of a life manifesto in the human profile of our founder and director Alberto Medrano Murgia:

  2. In the Humans' Network entries are categorized to specify the type of publication you want to make and, by default, your entries in this social and human network are "human" because communications and conversations are very important and shake up consciences, so we encourage you to promote supportive values through the publication of contents related to human values in general, and yours in particular.

  3. Posting good deeds that people usually carry out, and we tend not to value. You just have to click on the "Good deed" icon underneath the "What do you feel?" publication box.

  4. Humanize personal relationships through public entries where you explicitly give thanks and say sorry. Again, you only have to select the icon that corresponds to writing a post to categorize this publication as "Thank you" or "Sorry" icon.

  5. Having private conversations with messages in "Chat" format in the "Subject" of which you can categorize the message of love, greeting, sorry, thanks, wish, invitation, help... or whatever you want!

How can I INTERACT and RATE through the Humans' Network?

Interacting and Rating are unique actions that you can carry out in this social and human network.

Search for the profile you want to interact with and that you want to rate in the search box located in the top frame and if cannot find it, you can it create yourself using the "Create it yourself!" button to the right of the results list.

Once you're in the profile that interests you, in the central body you have a few grey buttons that allow you to send it a suggestion, complaint, request, question and thanks. Also, with the orange “Rate” button you can cast your assessment on the ethics and humanity of this profile, explaining your reasons for this rating.

How can I ACT through the Humans' Network?

After humanizing and interacting & rating, we invite you to act to really force significant changes in society and to make a better world together.

The three ways you have to act within and outside the Humans' Network are:

  1. Performing good, caring and humanitarian deeds in your day to day.

  2. Supporting and taking part in social, humanitarian and environmental initiatives like the ones you will find in the “Human actions” section.

  3. Being consistent with the values this humanist movement promotes, and with the commitment to humanize and change the world, rewarding profiles you consider human (supporting them, buying them, voting for them), and punishing those you consider inhuman (not supporting them, not buying them, not voting for them).

How can I make the contents of the Humans' Network viral?

The Humans' Network is designed to make the content generated in it as viral as possible so that, together, we can disseminate and promote this humanistic movement among other social networks worldwide.

But for that you need to connect your Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin, which you can do either registering in or accessing the Humans' Network using the buttons for these social networks on the home page or, after logging in, from the editor of your profile, you can access via the link on top of your photo, in the "Connect network" section.

Once you have connected your other social networks, you can:

  1. Post Simultaneously:

    By posting an update in "Contact the World!" text box, select the buttons of the social networks (Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin) where you want to simultaneously post your post.

  2. Share contents:

    You can also share any content posted by you or by third parties, clicking on the "Share" button, and you can make not only your own personal profile within the network, or outside it in Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, but also in Google+ and dozens of social networks around the world through the social plug-in "+".
    The advantage of this option over the previous one is that you can customize the text that will be posted on your other social profiles.

    We encourage you to spread and share content generated in the Humans' Network both by yourself (your posts, interactions and ratings), and by the rest of the community in your other social profiles, in order to publicize this new social network to humanize the world in all of Internet, and spread its influence and values that we transmit via it amongst all of us!

    It is particularly useful to share on Twitter a post in which you have rated the humanity of any profile, or have interacted with a profile (other than that of a person) by sending a thank you, a question, a request, a suggestion or a complaint, since that profile will receive a Twitter notification for the mention, and when this profile clicks the shortened linked that appears in the tweet, you are taken to the post in tHN to see it in full.

    So we invite you to thank, ask questions, make requests, suggestions and send complaints to companies, professionals, organizations, public entities, political parties and politicians, as well as to rate their humanity, and once posted in the Humans' Network, share them with your other social profiles, especially on Twitter, so these profiles know you've mentioned them, and they can answer you.

    This way your opinions and ratings made in the Humans' Network will also have a big impact in other social networks, and together we will make it known to the world that a new social network exists that aims to humanize the world promoting values, rating the humanity of brands, and acting accordingly.

  3. Send contents:
    And you can also make any content viral sending it to both the Humans' Network profiles, and by email, to individuals or organizations that are not registered yet.

How I can invite my friends, contacts and followers on other social networks to also join the Humans' Network?

It's very easy!!!!

From the "Connecting networks" option in the editor of your human profile, you can access from the link above your photo, when you have connected your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts, you will have a button that will let you invite your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers and your Linkedin contacts to join the Humans' Network like you.

Spread the humanist movement among all human beings on the planet!!!!

If you're a Human Being ... you have to be in! And if you are a Human well!

I´m human…I´m in!!

If you still have any doubts regarding how the Humans' Network works, do not hesitate to send a message to our @humansnetwork human profile, or contact us through the “Contact” you can find in the footer, or if you prefer, send us an email to

And start to change the world

Interacting and Rating,
and Acting!!!

…because what matters most is people!

Can I create a profile that already exists?

In the Humans' Network anyone can create a profile of a professional, business, organization or public entity, political party or politician, since they all have to be accountable to society regarding their ethics, humanity and values through which they operate, but there should be no duplicate profiles as it only makes sense for one profile per brand to exist so that we can all interact on its ethics.

So if you select the "Create a Profile to rate" option from the drop down menu on the left of your name on the top bar, we ask you to first look to see if the profile already exists, and if you see it is not you can create it yourself from the "Create it yourself"! button you'll find to the right of the list of results.

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