We present version 1.0 of the new social and human network the Humans’ Network (tHN), which has the same functions as any other social network, so it will be really easy for you to use.

However, it also incorporates exclusive services to help you promote values, rate the humanity of social agents and act accordingly, rewarding those you consider human and punishing inhuman agents, as well as collaborating with organizations and solidarity, humanitarian and environmental projects.

We have lots of new possibilities in prospect for you to continue empowering yourself to humanize the world, but for now are giving you guidance on everything you can do right now, which is not bad!


We first invite you to register. You can do this either filling in a short registration form in https://www.thehumansnetwork.org/accounts/register, or using your social profiles in Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin just clicking on its icons on the web's portal.

If the session closes at any time, you can re-enter from the top of the website with your username and password that you entered when registering, or by clicking again on the icon of the social network you want to use from Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Although you have registered with these social networks, you can always from the settings of your account enter a password to access any time with your username and password.

Human Ratings

Once registered you access the "Human Ratings" section where you can see the rankings regarding the rating of humanity that community profiles have been given to companies and professionals, organizations and projects, and public entities and politicians.

You can apply filters to the rankings to see the profiles of your city, your country or the ones you follow at all times, and even access the advanced filter to search for more specific search criteria.

Clicking on each profile you access its human profile with all of the information that said profile provides regarding its ethics and values, and all the opinions, interactions, conversations and ratings that profile has received from the community, so you can start to meet people and brands to follow and interact with.

And from the human profile of a third party you can start to interact with him/her mentioning him/her in a post, describing his/her humanity by sending him/her a private message and, if it is not the profile of a person, you can also send it a thank you, a question, a request, a suggestion and a complaint.

My Human Profile

Clicking on the "My Human Profile" menu, on the logo or on your name or photo at the top you access your human profile, where the first thing we invite you to do is go to your profile editor to start to show the world what kind of human being you are and what your values are.

The elements of the editor of your profile are:

Human Profile Editor

Basic Data

Here you can change your name and surname(s), your username, your email, your country, your city and your sex, and you can enter what language you are going to communicate in the social network. You can obviously also upload your photo or avatar, and a homepage.

Digital Identity

In this section you can report your digital identity on the Internet for us to know your websites and blogs, as well as your other social profiles, starting with your other human profiles you have created here in the Humans' Network, which can be:

  1. Your organizations or projects you can give life to, and attract support and funding via their human profiles.
  2. You as a professional or your businesses from which you want to convey the associated values and their ethics.
  3. You as a politician, your political party or public entity of which you are a representative to communicate openly with the public and gain their trust.

Including this information is a good way to associate your other human profiles to yours as a person and do the same in each of them to have them all associated.

Life Manifesto

Have you ever wondered what kind of human being you are?

If you have not done so yet or have not found the answer, it's because maybe you've never stopped to think about what it is you moves you in life, what your values are, and what defines you as a person. Or maybe you did, but do not know how to turn your values into human actions that change things.

Your "life manifesto" is your statement to the world (or to the people you want to show it to) of who you really are, and what your vital motivations are.

The life manifesto has the following sections:

  1. Who am I

    You can present yourself not only in text format, but we encourage you to also do this in a video including the URL to the platform where is housed, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

    You can see a sample video of our founder and director Alberto Medrano so you can see how important and powerful it is to introduce yourself to the world so directly and sincerely: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjpAK5ukUxo

  2. About my humanity

    You can answer questions that speak about your most human side.

  3. What I like/dislike

    Here you can come clean and display your most personal emotions.

  4. Messages to the world

    In the same way as you can show a video presentation of yourself, you can also display up to seven videos to send out messages to the world categorizing each one with the default options we offer as a saying thanks, saying sorry, expressing love... or creating new categories.

  5. Favorites

    In this section you can show what your favourite books, blogs, movies, videos, music, photos or documents are in terms of inspiration, that is, how they have helped you, how they have mentally changed you, why they have made you change and be a better person...

Connecting Networks

We encourage you in this section to connect your personal profile in tHN with your other social profiles, so you can also invite from here your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers and your Linkedin contacts to join the Humans' Network like you. Also, connecting your accounts lets you also simultaneously post here and in different profiles, and share any content tHN with them.

Followers and Following

From here you see all the profiles that follow you and you follow, and you can follow them and stop following them. You can also manage lists that follow you and that you follow, and create new ones.

Structure of Your Human Profile

Drop-down Menu

In the upper left frame, along with your name and photo, you have a menu that gives you access to three things:

  1. List of human profiles you manage:

    On the one hand you have your personal profile as a person, which is the first one you created when you registered, and then you will see the other profiles you have created as a professional or politician, or as a company, organization, project, public entity or political party you manage, or that you are responsible for.

    Clicking on each one you access its personal profile, and then you can begin to act on behalf of that human profile.

  2. Create another own profile

    Clicking here you can create your other human profiles, as well as your own as a person. On this page for creating your other profiles you only have to choose the profile type (category) you want to create and complete the requested information.

  3. Create profile to rate

    All social agents that belong to the private sector, third sector and public sector can take part in tHN, in other words, businesses, professionals, organizations, public entities, political parties and politicians in the world, because anyone can create their profile insofar as they all have a social responsibility to society, and are accountable for their ethics and transparency.

    Thus, clicking on "Create Profile to Rate" we will ask you to first look for the profile you want to interact with or want to rate, since we want to avoid having duplicates, i.e., there should only be one human profile for each social agent first (business, professional, organizational, public entity, political party and politician.

    If when you do the search you see in the response table that the profile you are looking for has not been created in tHN yet, then you can create it yourself from the button that appears to the right of the results that says "Create it Yourself!". Enter at least the username, name (and surname(s) if it is a person) and category fields.

    Each profile that has been created by someone but not by the owner of the profile is called "Ownerless Profile", and you can easily identify it as the homepage of its profile is grey, and there is an "Ownerless Profile" tag underneath its photo or avatar.

    Also if it appears in a list as the result of a search or in the human ratings section, you'll see that it has the "Ownerless Profile" tag assigned, and the identifier icon of the profile type is greyed.

Contact the World!

In this box, which expands when you mouse over it, you can post your updates and humanly communicate with the world.

Unlike other social networks, tHN conversations are always transcendental and humanly significant, and therefore they are categorized so that each post has a specific theme that identifies it.

By default the entries are "Human" type, so that when you post, your followers will see, for example, "Alberto Medrano Murgia has published a Human post". The other options of types of post are as follows:

  1. Good deed:

    We invite you to value the good deeds you do in your daily life and post them in tHN. This is a way of becoming aware of your actions, of expressing your satisfaction with how well they make you feel and, also, it is a great example for others to do the same and we feel all proud of our good actions, we promote them and between all of us make a better world.

  2. Event:

    You can post the details of an event on a charity event, a charity concert, an activity of your project or your organization, demonstration, etc.

  3. Question:

    You can ask a question mentioning the person it is for, or in general to all your followers.

  4. Thanks:

    One very important thing you can do in tHN is to saying thank you, something so simple, so cheap, so natural and so human, and that we do so little.

    We encourage you to everyday thank someone who has helped you in your life, people who you're grateful to, because thanking humanizes you, values the reason for the thanks and, also, has a very special impact on who it is addressed to who will without a doubt be grateful for your public (or private if you are sending it in a message) thanks.

  5. Saying sorry:

    Another of the most human actions that exists is saying sorry, setting our pride aside, and being sincere and humble with others.

    The impact saying sorry to others is equal to or even greater than thanking, so we encourage you to use this opportunity offered by tHN to humanize your personal relationships, and show an example to others of how good, effective and human saying sorry is.

Once you have assigned a category to your post by clicking on its icon, the geolocation appears (if you accepted this browser option when it has asked you at some point), so that the information of the city, and even district, you are going to post from, will appear in the update of your status or post. You can delete this information at any time if you don't want it to appear.

And last but not least, in tHN you can post your entries simultaneously on the tHN itself, but also on your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profiles if you have your accounts connected (see point "Connecting Networks" in the human profile editor).

Thus, the entire contents of your entries will be posted in tHN, but other Facebook friends, Twitter followers and Linkedin contacts may be notified that you posted something human and important in tHN human, different from what you usually post in these social networks.

Simple Search Engine

To the right of the publications box in the top frame to have a simple search engine where you can search by name (and surname(s)) of the profile, or by user. If you click on the arrow you can make a search filter by type of profile.

As you're writing matching results appear, and in any event if you click the magnifying glass or you hit 'Enter' you access the results page that will show the matching profiles with the letters you have entered.

On this page you can filter the results by profile type, and if you do not find the profile that you want to interact with or you want to rate you can create it yourself by clicking on the button in the right frame that says "Create it yourself!

Each profile that appears in search results offers the following information:

  1. Photo or avatar
  2. Name (and surname(s))
  3. User
  4. Most relevant accreditation granted by tHN
  5. Ratings received
  6. Number of followers
  7. "Follow" or "Following" button
  8. An icon showing the type of profile you are mousing over appears in the top right hand part.

Advanced Search

To the right of the search box you have an icon that gives you access to the advanced search engine where you can make a more specific search through multiple search filters by profile type, categories, human rating, etc.

Message icon

Three icons appear to the right of the search icon. The first is the messages icon, that tells you with a counter how many messages you have been sent and that you have not read yet, as long as you do not change this notice option that is activate by default from your notification settings.

Mousing over it a list of recent received messages will be displayed, and the messages you have not read yet will be marked with an orange envelope and in bold. You access these messages clicking on each one.

From this window that appears when you mouse over the messages icon you can also write a message directly, and access the messages section to see them all.

Notification Icon

To the right of the messages icon is the messages icon that notifies you of interactions that other tHN profiles have made with you; begin to follow you, make a "Human" or a comment on one of your posts, etc.

Mousing over the icon a list of recent notifications is displayed with a solid circle in orange highlighting those that are new. Clicking on each one you access the subject of the notification.

Alerts Icon

To the right of the notifications icon is the alerts icon that alerts you of the ratings (human ratings) other profiles have given you. Mousing over the icon you can see the latest alerts, and from there you can accept or reject each of the ratings, or click on "View all alerts" to go to that section and do it from there.

If you reject a rating it will never be visible in tHN nor will it appear anywhere. If you accept it, it will then appear both on your "Ratings Received" and "Mentions" section, and in the "Ratings Sent" and "Own updates" section of the profile that has made this rating.

Settings Icon

To the right of the alerts icon is the configuration icon, and mousing over it makes a menu with the following options appear:

  1. Account settings

    You can change your registered username, your name and surname(s) as a registered person, your contact email and your password (or enter a new one if you do not have one already because you have registered with one of your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin social profiles).

    You can also delete your account, we hope you never do!

    Be very careful as this action is irreversible, and will remove all your activity on the Humans' Network and it will not be recoverable!!

  2. Privacy settings

    From here you can set the privacy of your posts, who can see your life manifesto, etc. of the profile that is currently active, i.e. the one that appears to the left of the upper frame of the web.

  3. Notification settings

    You can determine when you want to be notified both from the website via the icons on the top bar, and by email.

  4. Disconnecting

    Clicking here you close the session, so to reenter tHN you have to re-log in from the homepage of the web through the "E-mail or user" and "Password" fields, or clicking on the icon of any of your other Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin social networks.


Once you have seen the different elements of the top bar, we can now focus on your profile homepage, the default image of which is "I'm in!". However, you can change uploading your own homepage image using the editor of your profile in the "Basic data" section.

In the right part of your homepage you can see the video presentation of yourself the URL of which you entered in the "Life manifesto" of the editor of your profile, and also the "Messages to the world" videos you have included.

Photo or Avatar

On the left side of the homepage we have the space for your photo or avatar you can upload from your profile editor, "Basic Data" section, you can access from the "Edit Profile" link just above this photo.

Your basic data such as profile type, number of followers you have, your city and country, languages you speak, your other human profiles in tHN and projects, organizations, companies, etc.,, your other social profiles in other social networks, and your webs and blogs if you have entered them in the editor of your profile appear underneath your photo or avatar.

About Me

In the main body of the web is the "About Me" section where the presentation you entered about yourself in your profile editor is displayed. Clicking on "See More" you access the section of your "Life Manifesto" so that everyone (or profiles that you want via the privacy settings) can see what kind of human being you are, and what moves you inside.

Human Ratings

We have the "Human Ratings" section in the frame on the right with the following elements:

  1. Ratings and Interactions Bias

    It is a value that applies only to the people profiles and that identifies your "average level of bias" (more positive or more negative) when classifying the humanity of other profiles (other than that of a person) of the social network, as well as when interacting with them sending them thanks, questions, requests, suggestions and complaints.

    Like interactions and ratings received by profiles in the social network, other that of a person, they show the opinion and assessment given on them by other profiles, the people profiles are portrayed as raters via your level of bias.

    tHN's aim is for its members be balanced and that you keep a neutral bias in your interactions and ratings with companies, public institutions, politicians and organizations, i.e. if you send a complaint to a profile and/or rate it as inhuman or very inhuman, we strongly encourage you to look for another profile to do the opposite, and send it thanks and/or rate it as human or very human.

    In this way, we will build together a social thermometer to give us guidelines to decide companies to buy and which not, what organizations and causes we must support and what not, and what political parties to vote for and others not in terms of ethical and human values that each show they have or lack.

  2. Ratings given

    The ratings you have given appear in this section, and a drop down menu to select the type of rating. Clicking "See more" enters the corresponding section to see them all.

  3. tHN accreditations

    The accreditations tHN has given you appear here. By default when registering we give you the "I'm in!" accreditation that identifies your belonging to this new humanist movement.

    If you help us spread the Humans' Network in both in the online and off-line world, you can get the "Human Angel" accreditation that rewards people who have stood out for their involvement and participation in tHN, actively spreading it and helping it grow.

    Over time we will be giving new credits to reward your level of commitment and activism in the Humans' Network.

    Clicking on each accreditation opens a window from which you can either download the image, or insert it into your blog or website to show the world your membership and involvement with tHN.

    The images of accreditations have the URL of your human profile and a QR code that points to that direction so that you can take that image to, for example, your Facebook and Twitter homepage, and make your human profile known unto the world so that people can access it and know what you are really like.

    Soon, we will also be creating "the Humans' Marketplace", an online store where you can buy merchandising (t-shirts, mugs...) with your personalized accreditations on them, so you can "dress" the Humans' Network and whoever sees you on the street will know what level of accreditation have in tHN, and the URL to access your personal profile and your life manifesto.


Below the "Human Ratings" section is the object again to post and contact the world, with the proviso that if you are in a profile of a third party, its username will appear here so that if you write a post you can mention him/her.

Relationships and Lists

Below the "Contact the world!" box you can see a summary of your relationships with other tHN profiles and lists you follow and that follow you.

Clicking "View all" you enter the corresponding section with the complete information.


In the central section of the website you have access to a menu of options that lets you know everything about you and the rest of profiles, starting with updates or posts, of both profiles you follow ("Third Party Updates"), and your own ("Own Updates").

You can also see the mentions you have received from other profiles.

Life Manifesto

Here you can see all the sections you've filled in your life manifesto, or that of a third party if you are in his/her personal profile.

Ratings and Accreditations

In this section you can see the ratings you have received, the ones you have given to all types of profiles and ratings that tHN has given you for your degree of involvement in this humanist movement represented by tHN.


In this section you can see the complaints that you have sent to profiles other than that of a person.


In this section you can see the suggestions you have sent to profiles other than that of a person.


In this section you can see the requests you have sent to profiles other than that of a person.


In this section you can see the thanks you have sent to profiles other than that of a person.


In this section you can see the questions you have sent to profiles other than that of a person.


In this section you can view all the messages exchanged privately with other tHN profiles. They are arranged by subject, so you have all conversations grouped in a Chat style that you can continue at any moment, or start a new conversation with a new subject.

You can also start to chat with one or several tHN profiles, with all members of a list you select, or you can even send messages to emails, so you can communicate with people and organizations that are not in tHN yet.

We encourage you to invite your contacts to join tHN sending a message to their emails, and wish them a happy birthday from the Humans' Network giving them the opportunity to join this new human ecosystem to humanize the world!


Here you can see all notifications received arranged in chronological order.


Here you can see all ratings received alerts arranged in chronological order, which you can accept or reject.


In this section you can view and search for the most used and commented on hashtags in tHN.


Here you can see all your relationships regarding profiles that follow you and you follow, and the lists you've created, that follow you and you follow. And you can also create new lists.

Elements of a post

Both your posts with their different categories, and interactions you can make with profiles other than people (thanking, asking, requesting, suggesting and complaining), and obviously the ratings (human ratings), have elements that allow you to interact with them and make them viral, such as the following:


If you like the post, interaction or rating (content), agree with it or think it is human, you can do a "Human" on it, and so endorse this communication.


You can comment on the content either directly to the author, or to other profiles that have also made comments.


You can make the content viral sending it to both tHN profiles and by email to individuals or organizations that are not registered yet.


We encourage you to spread and share the content generated in tHN by both yourself (your posts, interactions and ratings), and by the rest of the community in your other social profiles, in order to make this new social network to humanize the world known all over the Internet and spread its influence and values we together convey through it!

It is particularly useful to share on Twitter a post in which you have rated the humanity of any profile, or have interacted with a profile (other than that of a person) by sending a thank you, a question, a request, a suggestion or a complaint, since that profile will receive a Twitter notification for the mention, and which that profile clicks on the shortened link that appears in the tweet, it takes it to the post in tHN to see it in full.

So we invite you to thank, ask questions, make requests, suggestions and send complaints to companies, professionals, organizations, public entities, political parties and politicians, as well as to rate their humanity, and once posted in tHN, share your other social profiles, especially on Twitter, so these profiles know you've mentioned them, and they can answer you.

This way you'll also get a great impact for your reviews and ratings given in tHN in other social networks, and together we will make it known to the world that a new social network exists that is attempting to humanize the world promoting values, rating the humanity of brands and acting accordingly.


Clicking on details you enter the specific URL of the post, which you can use to copy and paste it in any comment or reference you want to make this content, e.g., in other social networks or blogs.


If you are interested in the content, you can click on "Follow" to receive notifications whenever some does a "Human", or writes a comment.

Icon Identifying the Type of Content

In the bottom right is an icon that when you mouse over it tells you the type of content of the update.

Other Human Profile

When you access a human profile different from yours, you'll see the same elements as in your own but relating to that profile. However, the profiles different to yours have in the central body some special elements so you can interact with them that we detail below:

  1. Follow or unfollow.
  2. Mention: clicking here the cursor moves to the box of the frame on the right where you can write a post mentioning this profile.
  3. Message: from here you can send a private message to this profile.
  4. Block and denounce: here you can block this profile so that it cannot interact with you in any way, and/or denounce it if you think it is misusing the Humans' Network, reporting your reasons for the complaint, which we will carefully examine and, if necessary, take appropriate action.
  5. Ask for admin.: if you consider that the profile is acting on your behalf, or as an "Ownerless Profile" you want to ask for it to manage it because your are its legal owner, you only have to click here and explain why this profile is yours, after which we can assign it to your registered user so that you can manage it thereafter.
  6. Rate: This is where you rate the ethics and humanity of the profile from 1 (very inhuman) to 5 (very human), and where we highly recommend giving your reasons for this rating for your opinion to be reasoned, and provide real value .

A Human Profile Other Than That of a Person

Also, if you access a human profile that is not yours, and that is other than that of a person, you will see that they have in the central body and right frame some elements that we detail below:


The following statistics on the profile regarding the interactions and ratings received appear in the central body under the name and user:

  1. Last rating: rating, date and time.
  2. Trend of ratings.
  3. Number of interactions received and clicking on each item enters their corresponding section.
  4. Evolution graph of the human ratings.

Human Ratings

In the right frame you can see different information about the ratings of the profile and the accreditations tHN has given you:

  1. Average human Rating in tHN; here the average rating between 1 and 5 that the community has given this profile in terms of humanity appears, where:

    • 1 = Very inhuman
    • 2 = Inhuman
    • 3 = Neutral
    • 4 = Human
    • 5 = Very human
  2. Accreditations given by tHN
  3. Ratings of other entities: here you can see what other ratings the profile has received from other entities that the profile itself has posted in its human profile.

Human Actions

Human actions are supportive actions that members of the Humans' Network can carry out from the social network itself, either clicking on the "Collaborate" button in the profiles of organizations and projects, or from its own section accessed from the top menu.

Our goal in the Humans' Network is that all its members collaborate with organizations, projects and humanitarian, aid or protection of the environment and animal rights causes.

If you still have any doubts regarding the operation and possibilities of tHN, please do not hesitate to send a message to our @humansnetwork profile, or write to us in the “Contact” section you have in the footer, or if you prefer send us an email to contact@thehumansnetwork.com

And start to change the world

Interacting and Rating,
and Acting!!!

Because what matters most is people!

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