What is the life manifesto?

Have you ever wondered what kind of human being you are?

If you have not done so or have not found the answer, it's because maybe you've never stopped to think about what moves you in your life, what your values are and what defines you as a person. Or maybe you did, but do not know how to turn your values into human actions that change things.

Your "life manifesto" is your statement to the world (or to the people you want to show it to) of who you really are, what your vital motivations are, what ideas you have to change the world, what are your good deeds... and even where you can send to the world text and video message introducing yourself to yourself, thanking, congratulating, saying sorry...

Once you have internalized what kind of human being you in the life manifesto that forms part of your human profile, you can interact, rate and initiate concrete actions that cause significant changes in the world.

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