What is the Human Rating

The "Human Rating" is the qualification of humanity that the Humans´ Network members can award to people, organizations and projects considering that they prove to be ethical and human in the way they are, and in the way they behave on a daily basis.

The “Human Rating” is a unique and pioneer concept in the world that grants to human beings the power to rate the humanity of society agents, this is:

  1. Private sector: Companies and professionals.
  2. Public sector: public entities, governments, politicians, etc.
  3. Third sector: NGOs, non-profits organizations, etc.

And of course the “Human Rating” also lets the acknowledgment of people humanity on a personal level, this is, apart from his/her professional activity

Thus, it´s already available this social thermometer to rate and assess other human beings opinions on brands, so based on it we can act accordingly by:

  1. Buying or not a company´s products and services.
  2. Supporting or not a project and/or social organization.
  3. Voting or not to a political party.

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