The social & global movement “the Humans´Network”

Who we are

The Humans’ Network is a social innovation project, which mission is to humanize the world, and that aims to become a global social movement that connects and integrates everyone with the world's values and conscience who want to build a more human world.

To accomplish our mission we create Social Web Technologies, and use social media strategies, to empower people so they can be the change.

Specifically, we have designed three work streams:

  1. Foster values.
  2. Support and create human projects.
  3. Promote “Humans Brands”.

To implement such areas we have created the technological & social platform, , and we lean on persons (Human Angels), and organizations (Human Friends), who collaborate, support and spread this social movement.

We want to demonstrate the compatibility between an advanced and developed society, and the respect of human being core values as the foundation of coexistence and progress.

This objective is expressed in our hashtag #BeingHumanisProfitable

Who is part of the Humans´Network?

The social & global movement we aspire to generate that we have called “the Humans´Network” is comprised of all individuals, organizations, companies, entities, activities and projects, such as that form its ecosystem based on the defence and dissemination of human values.

What is our mission?

To humanize the world. To do this we seek to establish a new economic and social paradigm to replace the current "for the love of money" values with a sustainable economic and productive growth model based on a social conscience that puts the human being, and not money, at the epicentre of the behaviour of companies, professionals organizations, public entities, and politicians.

We will demonstrate the compatibility between a developed and advanced society, and respect for the values of the human being as the axis of coexistence and progress.

In short, we will show that: #BeingHumanisProfitable

Being, human, is profitable.

How are we going to achieve our mission?

To change the world… we must force changes…

To force changes in others…

we must become aware and begin with ourselves… Humanizing

we have to interact and show our opinions...Rating

we have to be consistent and live in line with the values of each person... Acting

If among all of us we reward human, and punish inhumans, we force the changes needed to build a better world.

What is our vision?

We aspire to gather and connect around our activities and projects such as, all those people and organzations who want to humanize the world.

What are our values?

Because we are convinced that matters most is people, we believe in giving a lift to values inherent to human beings such as kindness, love, honesty, solidarity and respect, not only regarding the relationship of people together, and of these with companies, institutions and organizations, but also the relationship of human beings with nature and the environment.

Behaving as human beings we are happier because we live in line with our true values.

What the Humans' Movement is NOT

  1. tHM DOES NOT have any affiliation, bias or political influence.
  2. tHM DOES NOT promote, or support, or is it based on any religion.
  3. tHM DOES NOT belong to any corporation, holding or third company, but rather is completely independent.
  4. tHM DOES NOT arise from, or be based on, any social, cultural or political movement.

tHM is simply a humanist movement separated from economic and political power promoted by people for people, born in Bilbao, created by Alberto Medrano Murgia, and which aims to integrate all human beings of the planet and the organizations of which they are part.

June: the soul of the Humans’ Network

The humanist Humans’ Movement and, hence, the Humans' Network social network, arise as a result of the perception of its founder Alberto Medrano Murgia of the deterioration and loss of human values that has led us to the current economic, social and political crisis.

But the decisive push that led to Alberto Medrano to quit his job, and invest all his savings in this project, was his little daughter June, a girl who suffers from a rare and undiagnosed illness that prevents her from growing and developing normally.

June represents everything the human being has lost... innocence, kindness, humanity, naturalness..., and that is why she is the soul of tHN, and the perfect story telling for spreading the values transmitted by this humanist movement.

Alberto Medrano Murgia found, this way, the need to create a humanist movement to claim a return to human values. That is how the Humans 'Movement and hence, the Humans' Network, were born.

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